What should I bring to the Molokini/Olowalu Excursion?

Please bring a towel, swimsuit, non-aerosol** sunscreen, sun protection, and a light jacket/sweatshirt.

If you’re prone to sea sickness,we recommend you take a sea sickness medication the night before and again 30-minutes to 1-hour prior to the sail. They’ll have gingerale and ginger root on board, as well.

**Aerosol sunscreen is proving to have a profound effect on the environment and our coral reefs. In addition to the harmful effects of oxybenzone and avobenzone, the aerosol sunscreen causes the paint on our decks to chip and coats the boat (and sometimes food or other guests’ belongings) in a layer of sunscreen. We provide complimentary reef-safe sunscreen on all of our trips.


How do I book a spa appointment?

The Grand Wailea Spa has an amazing spa! Click here for more info https://www.grandwailea.com/experience/spa/

Download Brochure (PDF)


Will child care be available?

Activities and childcare will be available for your kids Please let us know how we can help.


What are some kid activities available at the Grand Wailea?


Please review the kid’s activities (PDF) available at the ROCK, at the Grand Wailea.

Kids activities at the Rock (PDF) 

*prices in the 

PDF subject to change 

The ROCK rack card